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Letter from our Founder

When I started in the industry back in 1977 the learning curve was pretty short.  Coal tar or asphalt. 

The roof consulting industry sure has evolved over the past four decades.  It isn’t even restricted to roofing anymore.  In 2006, while I served as President of the Roof Consultants Institute (RCI), the move was made to chart a broader course to serve the built community.  The name was changed to RCI, an international association of building envelope consultants.

With the increased complexity of one market segment (roofing) and the need to support adjacent disciplines (waterproofing, building envelope, pavement, etc.), the need for REI was born.  Since our inception in 1996, our goal has been to be the premier roofing and building envelope engineering firm in the Eastern U.S.  Blessed with a talented and energetic team with a passion to excel, REI continues to pursue this goal.   From our inception in Raleigh to offices in four States, the journey has been awesome.

Thank you to all of our amazing staff and to our clients for putting your trust in us.  Through continuing education and a desire to exceed your expectations, we will earnestly fight to deserve your trust and confidence.


All the best,

Gary R. Cattel, P.E., FRCI
Chairman Emeritus, REI Engineers, Inc.









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