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The REI Engineers Difference

You need the peace of mind knowing your roofing, waterproofing, wall and window projects are in expert hands.  REI Engineers has been providing building envelope consulting services since 1996.  We take pride in working with our clients to help provide solutions to difficult building envelope issues.  Factors to evaluate when considering a building envelope consultant include:

Specialized Education & Training

Active firm participation in RCI, Inc. and other industry organizations has resulted in a team of specialized building envelope professionals.  In addition to licensed Professional Engineers in each of our offices, these registered individuals include:

  • 12 Registered Roof Consultants (RRC)
  • 22 Registered Roof Observers (RRO)
  • 3 Registered Waterproofing Consultants (RWC)
  • 4 Registered Exterior Wall Consultants (REWC)
  • 3 Registered Building Envelope Consultants (RBEC)
  • 6 Construction Document Technologists (CDT)

Industry Backgrounds

Our staff has an in-depth understanding of how facilities are designed, constructed and maintained.  This perspective comes from past contractor, material manufacturer, engineering and architectural backgrounds.  We realize our specialized services are only a part of the bigger picture, and work to accommodate all necessary considerations and decision makers throughout our process.

In-House Capabilities


Leverage the advances of equipment and technology in the evaluation and design of your exterior facility systems.  REI Engineers invests in the research, purchase, and application of the latest technologies to provide enhanced understanding of existing and newly constructed building envelope systems.  These include:

  • Spray Testing Rigs
  • Phantom II Drone
  • Delmhorst Moisture Meters
  • Wind Uplift – Bonded Pull Testers
  • Infrared Thermometers
  • Wind Uplift – Negative Pressure Chambers
  • Infrared Scanners
  • Field Tablets (iPads)
  • Smoke Pens
  • WUFI® & THERM Simulation Software
  • Capacitance Meters
  • Borescopes


REI Engineers is one of the largest specialized building envelope consulting firm in the eastern United States.  With nearly 50 technical employees distributed throughout the region, our staff has the internal manpower and know-how to solve your moisture and thermal energy-related problems.  Roofing, waterproofing, wall and window system expertise resides in-house and continues to grow.

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