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Project: Biosystems Research Complex

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Project Details

The Biosystems Research Complex is a part of the College of Agriculture, Forestry and Life Sciences at Clemson University.  It is made up of three main areas including the Laboratory, Headhouse, and Greenhouses.  Less than 10 years after it was constructed, occupants began complaining of leak issues in a stairwell area.

REI Engineers was contacted to provide engineering services in order to investigate and correct the moisture infiltration issue.  The stairwell in issue is 65 feet tall surrounded by a semi-circular glass curtain wall system.  Leaks were occurring near the sloped glazing on top of this stairwell, and after inspection were clearly manifesting at various locations inside as water ran down the structural framing. 

REI performed pressurized spray testing on the vertical and sloped portions of the curtain wall to determine the entry point(s) of the water.  Our team carefully discerned the good condition of the vertical curtain wall, while it was evident that the sloped glazing had deteriorated.  In order to correct this problem, REI developed specifications and drawings for the replacement of all glazing joints on the sloped portion of the system.

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