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Building Envelope Design

REI provides design services for both new construction and existing facilities to maximize service life and minimize maintenance requirements for Facility Owners and Managers. Our Engineering and Contract Documents provide clear, concise instruction for construction that will avoid confusion and related moisture infiltration problems.

Simply said, we take the guesswork out of the process.

Existing Facility Services

  • Design for Building Envelope Systems
    • Repair
    • Renovation
    • Replacement
  • Construction Documents & Specifications
    • Material Compatibility
    • Structural Load Analysis
    • Fire Ratings
    • Primary & Secondary Drainage
    • Wind Uplift
    • R-Value
    • Code Compliance
    • Sustainability
    • Life-Cycle Costing

New Construction Services

  • Design of Building Envelope Systems
  • Construction Document Review
    • Material Compatibility
    • Constructability
    • Code Compliance
    • Sustainability
    • Best Practices

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  • Building Envelope Design
  • Building Envelope Design
  • Building Envelope Design

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