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In order to ensure your building maintains an effective and appropriate barrier between the interior and exterior environments, REI Engineers must have a thorough understanding of the history of your facility. Leak complaints, microbial growth, temperature issues, condensation and other moisture-related histories are documented and assessed for determination of an appropriate remedy.

REI maintains state of the art equipment to assist with our investigations. The following techniques and technologies are utilized in order to identify, study and correct building envelope deficiencies:

  • Infrared Moisture Surveys use the latest sensing technology to locate wet insulation, voids and thermal bridging with moisture infiltration and energy loss.
  • WUFI® PRO 5.2 software allows realistic calculation of heat and moisture transport through roof or wall components exposed to natural weather. This program can help analyze the thermal efficiency of walls and roofs, determine if condensation or moisture build-up will occur within the system and can even predict mold growth.
  • Wind Uplift Testing assesses the ability of a roofing system to adequately resist negative pressures to ensure continued performance. REI maintains three Field Uplift Kits (one bonded pull testing apparatus and two negative pressure chambers) in-house along with experienced engineers and technicians.
  • Drones can be utilized for broad overviews or to inspect areas that may otherwise be difficult to access. REI maintains a Phantom II drone in-house.
  • Pressurized Water Testing is used to perform Leak Investigations. Hoses and nozzles are positioned strategically, mimicking natural environmental events, to induce infiltration under the watchful eye of REI professionals.
  • Electronic Probing and Observation Cores identify adhesion, delamination, deterioration, moisture content, and composition of existing systems.
  • Expert Visual Observation of all exposed surfaces of the envelope is useful in the identification of specific problem areas and the evaluation of their overall needs. Deficiencies identified include age-related deterioration, application error, and poor material performance.

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  • Investigations & Testing
  • Investigations & Testing

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