REI Engineers provides engineering solutions and consulting services geared specifically for the construction and maintenance of your facilities. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, we are invested in both our clients and our employees. We believe in the value of communication and collaboration, and are committed to cultivating long-term relationships that provide a balance achieved by working together.


We take a hands-on approach when working on your building envelope project. We are dedicated to staying on-time and on budget, so that we deliver what is promised as we assemble our team of experienced, RCI registered engineers and utilize top of the line equipment. We help you solve your complex building/site issues as cost-effectively as possible.


REI is invested in both our clients and our employees. We believe in the value of our communication and collaboration with our clients in long-term relationships, so that we become a part of the same team. 


We don’t believe in a one size fits all mentality when it comes to working with you. Instead, we contextualize ourselves to your specific project needs. This means that your project solutions are created from scratch and not from reused plans of previous projects. We also do not have financial ties with any suppliers or manufacturers, so there is no outside agenda or a need to sell you any third party products.


The REI Engineers team is comprised of 89 talented professionals and is 100% employee-owned.

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Professional Engineer: North Carolina | South Carolina | Florida | Louisiana | Mississippi | Alabama | Tennessee | Kentucky

Scott currently serves as Second Vice President on the Board of Directors, Executive Committee for the (IIBEC) International Institute of Building Enclosure Consultants (fka RCI, Inc.).

When he isn't Engineering solutions for tomorrow®, Scott enjoys spending time with his wife + their teenage sons. Additionally, he enjoys reading, golfing, camping and traveling with his family.
Dave is a husband and the father to a son and a daughter. When he's not in the office or in the field, Dave enjoys spending time with his family, competing at horse shows or pitching in to take care of their small hobby farm. Lately, you can find Dave expanding his family farm compound - he's remodeling a neighboring property for his in-laws.
Professional Engineer: North Carolina | South Carolina | Georgia

When Ken isn't running the Administration side of REI, you can find him running around town, literally. An avid runner, he spends his weekend's training for marathons and sprinting towards his goal of running a marathon in every US state. He's on his way, with 18 marathons already crossed off the list, including the Krispy Kreme challenge.
Roger is a husband and a father to 3 children and 2 grandchildren. When not in the office or in the field, Roger enjoys spending time with his wife and playing golf.
Professional Engineer: North Carolina | Georgia | Arkansas | Virginia | Maryland

Kevin is a father to a son and daughter. When he's not in the office or in the field, he enjoys spending time with his family, fly-fishing, cycling, running and pumping iron.
The Man, The Myth, The Manager of the Charlotte Branch.
David is a renaissance man. When he's not working, he's woodworking, grilling oysters, or spending time with his family, and his dog Jellybean.
The Man, The Myth, The Manager of the Branch (to be announced)
Ron enjoys spending time with his wife, sons and their family dogs. Fortuitously, work + play cross over when golf is part of his business development efforts! When he's not driving shots and sinking puts, Ron can be found cheering on The Carolina Hurricanes. In his downtime, he enjoys relaxing with a fine cigar, listening to good music while watching the stars light up the night sky.
Professional Engineer: North Carolina | South Carolina | Florida

Mark enjoys spending time with his wife, and his children, living life to the Florida fullest - fun in the sun!
Professional Engineer: Virginia
Licensed Asbestos Inspector: Virginia

Zach was named Branch Manager for REI's VAB office (fka Hentz Engineering, Inc.) in 2018.
Professional Engineer: North Carolina | Virginia | Pennsylvania
Certifications: EIFS Inspector, Thermographer, Nuclear Moisture Meter,
Licensed Asbestos Inspector: Virginia

An expert in the building enclosure industry, Steve founded Hentz Engineering, Inc. in 2005. In 2016, Hentz joined REI Engineers, Inc., realizing that the integration of firms will expand geographic coverage + provide clients access to the best building envelope professionals in the industry.

Recently, he relocated to the Borough of Mechanicsburg, PA, "A Good Place to Live," where he will concentrate on establishing a new branch of REI Engineers.
Professional Engineer: North Carolina | South Carolina | Georgia | Florida | Alabama | Mississippi | Louisiana | Texas | Utah | Colorado | Kansas | Arkansas | Missouri | Iowa | Illinois | Indiana | Michigan | Ohio | Tennessee | Virginia | Maryland | Pennsylvania | New York | US Virgin Islands

Derek is responsible for facility condition inspections, failure analysis, damage assessments, and forensic engineering investigations of all types of structures. He provides expert testimony in litigation for deficient construction cases, as well as personal injury cases, resulting from slip/trip and fall, railing failures, swing collapse, and ladder accidents. Derek has performed engineering assessments of hurricane, tornado, hail, wind, ice and fire-related damages for a plethora of commercial + residential structures. When he's not providing expert engineering or delivering dynamic presentations, Derek enjoys spending time with his wife and children or soaring to new heights as a pilot in his personal plane.
Professional Engineer: North Carolina | South Carolina | Delaware

Jeremiah was promoted from Sr. Project Engineer into his current role, where he is responsible for the leadership, strategic vision and oversight of all technical aspects of REI's operations. His primary goals are to help ensure the technical accuracy of our documents while maintaining a level of consistency across all offices.

When he's not standardizing operations, Jeremiah enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter.
She's got the skills to pay the bills! Eileen is in charge of AR/AP, employee compensation and reimbursements for REI.
When this Massachusetts native isn't counting beans (get it?!) you will find her at a 5 am CrossFit class, walking around the field at her son's baseball games, or trying to keep up with her teenage daughter.
Professional Engineer: North Carolina | South Carolina | Georgia | Florida | Mississippi | Kansas | Missouri | Illinois | Indiana | Virginia | Pennsylvania | New York | Massachusetts

Certified Commissioning Authority+ Building Envelope (CxA+BE) | Certified Building Envelope Commissioning Process Provider (BECxP)

Charlie likes to go big and go home to his wife and their twin toddlers. Professionally, he has earned three (3) Bachelor of Science Degrees Architectural Engineering [Structural Emphasis]; Civil Engineering; and Commerce + Engineering Sciences. He runs the BECx division for REI's offices, where you will find him traveling to provide blower door testing or spray rig testing, to ensure the built environment functions as intended. Because of his expertise, Charlie frequently serves as an expert witness for civil cases involving construction litigation and premises liability.
Shel is REI's 1st official HR Manager. She joined us in 2017 and is responsible for recruitment, retention, employee relations + engagement, recognition, and health benefits. When she's not providing solutions for issues, Shel enjoys spending time with her husband and as much time as she can with her career-driven, NE metropolis-based daughters.
It's all about balance. Nikole joined REI in the role of Business Development but transitioned into Marketing Director for the firm. She bends over backward to get the job done, and on a daily basis, you will find her literally perfecting the art of backbending in her Jivamukti yoga class. When she's not striking a pose, you'll find her either walking the Isle of Palms beach or down the aisles of Home Depot, covered in dust, dirt + paint from renovating her home inside and out. In her down time, she enjoys blasting music while cooking, or grillin' + chillin' with her husband and their furbaby, Eddie Wesley.
Colette keeps REI together at the seams. You'll find this former New Yorker grooving to music, while she's working on computers, upgrades or talking colleagues through IT issues. If only she had a dollar for every time she advised "did you restart your computer", she would be retired! It’s a good thing Colette is always in the groove, as she provides hardware + software support for all of REI's offices, and she does it all with a smile, and sometimes a song. And when she's not studying for her college courses (in IT of course), Colette enjoys sewing as a way to unplug from digital living.
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