DEC Aviation Center Roof Replacement
Duke Energy Carolinas

This facility houses Duke Energy’s aircraft + is located on the tarmac of Charlotte-Douglass International Airport. The owner was experiencing recurring leaks at various locations throughout the facility.  REI investigated and determined the root cause.

Due to the critical nature of the hanger, the existing metal roof panel system was left in place in order to minimize disruption of the building’s operations + avoid potential issues with dust/debris affecting the aircraft. Interior protection was installed throughout the hangar.

REI determined it was necessary to replace the roof over the hanger, replace exterior metal wall panels between the hanger + office section, and replace the roof over the office portion of the building.


REI performed field adhesion testing and designed the roof replacement system which included adhering flute fill insulation between the metal roof panel standing seams, adhering a cover board and fully adhering a single-ply PVC roof membrane along with flashings and accessories.  The office portion of the building roof was replaced with a two-ply modified bitumen roof system.  In addition to the replacement of one section of exterior metal wall panels, multiple windows throughout the facility were replaced as well.


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