Comprehensive Facility Condition Assessments
97 Facilities | 7,847,993 SF | Charleston County School District

REI Engineers, through Heery International, was selected to provide comprehensive facility assessments to the Charleston County School District in Charleston, South Carolina.

REI technical professionals visited each school facility to locate, quantify and condition code the exterior envelope systems utilizing random sampling techniques. This data was then entered into a database as well as as-built drawings as they were developed. As a result of this facility-wide evaluation, REI Engineers provided the following:

  • Recommendations, with the estimated level of effort + frequency required to properly maintain moisture + thermal protection elements of each school
  • Recommended replacement time frames for each component of exterior envelope assemblies
  • 20-year Exterior Replacement Plan
  • Proposed list of exterior envelope assembly projects to be funded from District’s Fixed Cost of Ownership’s minor capital program based on the 20-year replacement plan

REI Engineers specified and detailed the roofing system to be installed above the metal roof decking + hollow core concrete deck panels. The roof system consisted of a hot applied modified bitumen vapor barrier to hollow core concrete deck panels with layers of tapered insulation + coverboard installed in hot roofing asphalt, and a new fully adhered 80-mil nominal thickness thermoplastic-polyolefin membrane was installed on top, along with new sheet metal flashings + accessories to provide a complete, watertight 30-year warrantable roof assembly.



Our team worked with the Program Manager to evaluate, maintain, and develop a database of existing exterior envelope systems.



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