McAdenville Elementary School Pavement Improvements
Gaston County Schools

REI provided contract documents + construction administration for the replacement of the existing pavement systems.  REI performed asphalt cores according to ASTM D6951 to determine the suitability of the current asphalt pavement + any underlying substrate. The current system in the drive lanes was undersized for the use, and the surrounding constraints would not allow for much adjustment in the grade. REI developed drawings detailing drainage patterns + new structures to help improve the performance of the parking lot + bus drive lanes.  Full depth reclamation was used to stabilize the substrate in the bus parking drive lanes, and more appropriate forms of curb were used to outline the lot. The parking lot substrate was stable, so REI developed a cost-efficient overlay for the resurfacing of the parking lot.  Minor adjustments to the existing parking layout were made to improve traffic flow and safety, including necessary crosswalks.  Adjustments were made to the accessible parking lot layout to assist in compliance with federal and state regulations. There was some sidewalk + stair replacement to eliminate trip hazards.  A two-year contractor warranty was provided by the contractor.

New asphalt pavement, concrete slabs, sidewalks, curb + gutter


Region 5: Pavement Assessment
Charlotte, NC
Region 6: Pavement Assessment
Charlotte, NC